Tree Services in Lake Geneva, WI

Our tree services can help you make the most of your property by shaping the natural landscape to your aesthetic preferences and safety standards. Stan's Tree Service in Lake Geneva, WI specializes in professional tree trimming and meticulous stump grinding for both commercial and residential tree services at very competitive rates.

Our professional team offers fast and friendly service, with top of the line equipment. We follow national safety compliance standards. Whether your branches just need a little trim or you need a whole tree removed, we can accomplish anything! Stan's Tree Service offers professional and friendly service with top of the line expertise and fast 24 hour emergency tree services for hazardous trees. Our goal for our customers is 100 percent satisfaction.

With us, you can have your yard or property looking it's very best. Contact us at Stan's Tree Service to get quality tree removals in Lake Geneva, WI!

Tree Trimming

Your trees should be treated regularly by trained professionals to avoid larger messes. At Stan's Tree Service , our expert tree trimming team is devoted to providing you with top quality tree services. Tree trimming is important for allowing the tree branches to grow in a shape more suitable to its structure. Regular trimming and care can produce long-lasting and healthy trees.

Tree Removal

Our residential and commercial tree services include removing trees and other plant obstructions. There are several situations in which tree removal becomes necessary. The most common situation is when trees start to get old or simply rot. This is dangerous because trees in such conditions are much more likely to fall down or to catch fire. In either case, you risk injury and property damage, so you should call our 24 hour emergency tree services if you think such trees are on your property.

Stump Grinding

There are times that you may want to get rid of unwanted stumps. Stumps can be difficult and very heavy to remove. Fortunately, you can hire a stump removal expert from a tree company like Stan's Tree Service . Stump removal is performed through precise and detailed stump grinding. A stump grinder is a machine that uses a notched and quickly spinning wheel to reduce the stump into sawdust. The tree removal experts can then bury the remnants without much trouble, leaving your property cleaner than when they found it.


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